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Sadia Hassan

Assistant Audit Manager

Sadia Hassan is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Big Four senior audit professional with over five years’ audit experience.

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Interview: Background and Approach

Who I am and what makes me tick.

What prompted you to start a career in marketing contract compliance?

The media and advertising scenes carry significant relevance, always in the spotlight, evolving with emerging best practices and standards. Media is a constant presence in our daily lives – whether through TV ads, billboards, or social media posts. This appealed to me, as the role offered an exciting chance to consistently acquire knowledge and stay adaptable. I was on the lookout for a niche to specialize in, and this vibrant landscape felt like the perfect match for my goals.

How has your previous experience helped you at Financial Progression?

My background is in external audit from a Big 4 firm, across a range of sectors. My experience of 6 years has helped me develop a keen eye for detail, an analytical mindset, and a knack for uncovering financial intricacies. These skills seamlessly translate into the world of Financial Progression, where precision and thorough examination are very important.

Which part of your work gives you the greatest sense of achievement?

The most fulfilling aspect of my work is undoubtedly the tangible impact on our clients. Witnessing the real, positive change that comes from our efforts is what gives me the greatest sense of achievement. Seeing their progress and knowing I played a part in it – that’s the ultimate win for me.

How would people describe you?

People might describe me as easygoing with a curious spirit. I’m the type who enjoys a good balance between focused work and a friendly demeanor. Whether it’s tackling numbers or exploring new hobbies, I like to approach things with a positive attitude.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I enjoy exploring new paths and trying things that keep life interesting. Whether it’s experimenting with a new recipe or a spontaneous roadtrip, I’m all about the joy of the unknown. At work and in life, it’s the mix of curiosity and embracing the unexpected that keeps me going.

What can you be found doing when you’re not at work?

Outside of work, I would be enjoying the company of friends and family, sharing laughs and savoring good food. My cat’s likely in the mix, adding some feline charm. And when I’m not out and about, I’m probably in the kitchen, baking up a storm with my sister. It’s all about the perfect blend of good company, good food, and the cozy chaos of home.

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