Don't just look back: Always-On Audits support the retrospective nature of annual agency Compliance Audits with quarterly reporting to help you vet and verify in the here-and-now.

Our Always-On Audits are a great solution to extend the reach and usefulness of annual Contract Compliance Audits. The essence of Always-On is timeliness: a quarterly report which produces actionable information and potentially releases unspent budget back into circulation for use within the current year.

As a continuous rolling review mechanism, Always-On Audits produce insights which can increase transparency, enable immediate decision-making and steer process corrections whose benefit can be verified and quantified by the annual Contract Compliance Audit. Depth of coverage will vary from client to client, but can encompass a high-level review of monthly invoices, reconciliations, production and media work, and WIP in that cycle. You can expect an Always-On Audit ‘dashboard’ summary to show up inconsistencies, anomalies, assessments of whether previous recommendations have been implemented, and fresh commentaries and recommendations.