Contract compliance audits of advertising and media agencies are our most popular product. Reason: they make a lot of sense. And they’re hugely productive.

Our clients have many names for contract compliance audits: financial audits, compliance audits, forensic audits, advertising compliance audits, marketing compliance audits, media compliance audits and so on.

So what is a contract compliance audit? It’s essentially a review by an independent, professionally qualified accountant that the contract you have signed with a supplier (in our case, an agency) has been implemented as written. It’s a thorough check that you’ve received what you’ve agreed to pay for.

We have experience auditing every type of agency relationship, are known for being extremely thorough and are not afraid to present the facts for what they are. At the same time, we keep the big picture firmly in mind and ensure that your important agency relationships are maintained. Not easy sometimes, but we always manage to find a way!

Our work typically delivers more tightly controlled budgets, greater understanding of the ways of working of your agency partners, practical risk and reputation management, a more robust contract and an increased ROI on your marketing expenditure.