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Alexandra Paschalidou

Assistant Audit Manager

Alexandra Paschalidou is a qualified accountant and experienced auditor who has worked in many different sectors including an advisory role within a Big Four accountancy firm.

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Interview: Background and Approach

Who I am and what makes me tick.

What prompted you to start a career in marketing contract compliance?

After completing an internal audit project in contract management in my previous role, I understood how important contract compliance is to both parties to maintain a robust relationship. The media and advertising industries are dynamic and all around us, being a fast-moving and innovative sector. I was looking to specialise in an industry and recognised this great opportunity to develop new skills and become an expert in this field.

How has your previous experience helped you at Financial Progression?

My career in internal audit started a couple of years ago in a Greek bank followed by an advisory role at PwC. I believe that my previous roles have provided me with the technical skills to perform audits and consulting projects efficiently and have helped develop a solid understanding and application of audit methodology. Having working experience in different sectors has given me the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge and understand how I can bring tangible value to improve business operations.

How would people describe you?

My colleagues would describe me as someone who is thorough, promotes a collaborative environment and shares knowledge. I am known to be friendly and sociable and value open and honest discussions with colleagues and clients. Understanding how people feel, what drives them, and what they need is key to build trust.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I would say that solving important problems as part of a team, whilst being creative, are key drivers that motivate me to continue doing the best I can. Continuous development and learning new skills makes me feel more confident to tackle new tasks. Having a purpose and working hard to achieve it is a strong motivational factor for me.

What can you be found doing when you’re not at work?

I enjoy planning new adventures and traveling with my friends and family to explore new places and meet people. In Greece, I love swimming and beach walks especially during spring and summer. My favourite hobby is cooking and getting inspired by magazines and online resources.

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